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Today, The World Series of Poker (WSOP) is known amongst poker players and poker fans as the most prestigious of any set of poker tournaments the world over. The World Series of Poker plays host to thousands of poker players (including the best players in the world) every year and awards winners of several different poker variations with large cash prizes and the coveted “Golden Bracelet”.

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History the WSOP:

Just prior to the 1970’s, Casino executive, Tom Morehead, had the idea of starting the World Series of Poker in his Reno casino, the Riverside. This was a small, invitation only event. Later that year, Las Vegas casino operator Benny Binion and his two sons expanded on this idea and turned it into the much larger series of tournaments that it is today. Since this time, new events have been added and more and more poker players from all corners of the world attend.

Over the years, as poker evolved and new and old variations gained in popularity, new events have been added to make this not only the most prestigious of poker competitions but also the biggest. Players can choose to compete in a number of different tournaments, including, Omaha Poker, Omaha Hi/Lo, 7 Card Stud and 7 Card Stud High/Lo tournaments over a period of about two weeks. Tournaments are also divided into no-limit and pot-limit games and there are even special tournaments setup specifically for seniors and casino employees.

Although these events can get very exciting, the main event that every professional poker player strives to be named champion of is the World Series of Poker’s main event, The $10 000 buy-in No Limit Texas Holdem Championship. This event is now aired on ESPN and Fox Sports Net so poker fans can watch the excitement from the comfort of their own home.

When the first World of Series Holdem championship game took place, the winner was Poker legend, Johnny Moss, who took home a whopping $30 000. And since then, every year, the stakes get bigger as more players enter the tournament and this past year (the WSOP took place in June 2005) the winner, Joseph Hachem, from Australia took home an unprecedented prize of $7.5 million. Other past winners of this main event include, Americans Johnny Chan, Phil Helmuth Jr. and Chris Moneymaker. And since the WSOP has proved to be a successful event, this year they have announced that they will begin a circuit of WSOP events taking place at several locations around Las Vegas over the course of a year, including a tournament of champions.

Getting in on WSOP action:

If you would like to take part in a World Series of Poker event you can pre register for your particular tournament at least two weeks ahead of the event with the WSOP or in some cases you must arrive at the tournament and register in person. But save your cash as the lowest buy-in event is set at around $500 and as mentioned, if you wish to play in the holdem main event, it will cost you $10 000. However, with the rise in popularity of poker and the growing trend of online poker rooms, you can potentially win a seat at this main event (and other WSOP events) by simply entering a featured tournament online. Many online poker rooms, such as, Inter Poker and Party Poker feature these types of tournaments. Winners will win the $10 000 buy-in seat as well as an all expense paid trip to the city of the event. You may just be the next WSOP champion sporting that much desired Golden Bracelet and a not to mention a bank account most people only dream of.

WSOP 2005 Final Standings:

Well the results are in from the WSOP 2005 and lots of people have waled away with some really big money. Below we've spplied you with a list of the top 10 winners and the amound they won as well as where they are from.

Rank Player Name Country Amount Won
1 Joseph Hachem Melbourne, Australia $7,500,000
2 Steve Dannenmann Severn, MD $4,250,000
3 Tex Barch McKinney, TX $2,500,000
4 Aaron Kanter Elk Grove, CA $2,000,000
5 Andrew Black Dublin, Ireland $1,750,000
6 Scott Lazar Studio City, CA $1,500,000
7 Daniel Bergsdorf Umea, Sweden $1,300,000
8 Brad Kondracki Kingston, PA $1,150,000
9 Mike Matusow Las Vegas, NV $1,000,000
10 Ayhan Alsancak Göteborg, Sweden $600,000

In addtion if you'd like a full list of the WSOP 2005 winners then check out the official WSOP listing here for more a full breakdown.

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