Tuesday, May 02, 2006

New Mobile Poker Available to Blackberry Users

It's finally arrived something that the Blackberry community has been waiting for. Fortuna Gaming a UK based gaming company introduced "Mobile Gold" a new 10 hand version of the existing Texas Hold'em product already offered by Fortuna.

Vice president Dallas Robinson stated that Fortune Gold's move into this space was a strategic one to get a head start over competition and to ensure they are the first to enter the space. The move into the mobile space is a strategic one made by Fortuna to enhance their end user experience by providing them with the ability to play from when ever and whenever they want.

The system Dubbed the Mobile Gaming Now's has been specifically published for the Blackberry 8700 series of mobile phones. Later this year you'll see a lot more gaming applications becoming readily available to players who wish to engage in mobile gaming.

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