Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Extreme Poker and Caribbean Poker Classic

Earlier this month the infamous Caribbean Poker Classic took place on the beautiful island of St. Kitts. The event was full of exciting poker tournaments but none as interesting or "extreme" as an event which was sponsored by online poker room InterPoker. This event in St. Kitts was the first in a series of extreme poker tournaments that Inter will host in the future.

So what made this particular tournament a little different from the norm? Well the entire game took place underwater. The DWSOP (deep water series of poker) proved to be a successful endeavor as six players battled it out below 10 meters of gorgeous Caribbean blue waters.

The six adventurous poker players included professionals, Jenna James, Juha Helppi and the always entertaining Phill "the Unabomber" Laak. Joining them were poker aficionado Andy Goetsch and Inter Poker players, Peter Marcus and Louise Halle. In order to win the title, the players not only had to outplay their competitors but had to be able to last under the water. If anyone lost their breath or had to surface for any reason, they were automatically eliminated.

In the end it was professional poker player Juha Helppi who outlasted the other underwater players and was named the first "Extreme Poker" and DWSOP champion. For more information on future "Extreme Poker" events and many more exciting and original promotions visit InterPoker on the web today.

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