Party Poker Millions Tournament

When World Poker Tour Enterprises first announced that they were going to film and air on television, a series of high stakes Texas Holdem Tournaments, Online poker room Party Poker took advantage of the possible publicity and decided to become a major sponsor of the WPT and even host one of the exciting events. They call their tournament the Party Poker Million and to distinguish it from the rest of the tournaments in the series, their tournament is held over the span of one week on luxury cruise ship. And even more exciting, the champion was guaranteed to win at least $1 million.

The first Party Poker Millions took place in the first year of the WPT, 2002, and as luck would have it, poker history was made. On a relaxing cruise through the Mexican Riviera, Kathy Liebert became the first woman to ever win $1,000,000 in a poker tournament. It was also the first time that a Texas Holdem Tournament, combining online qualifiers and regular buyins, guaranteed a first place prize of a million dollars. Kathy beat out a total of 138 other players, 100 of them qualified online at PartyPoker.com (where their initial stake in the game was only $22) and another 39 players (including Kathy and third place finisher, Phil Helmuth) who bought their way in for $8000 a piece. As mentioned the first place prize was 1 million dollars with an additional $300 000 divided by the other finalists. It is worth a mention that the second place finisher, Berj Kacherian, was an online qualifier.

With such great success of the WPT and the first Party Poker Millions, the next tournament was sure to be even better. The following year, the cruise ship set sail throughout the beautiful blue waters of the Caribbean where The Party Poker II competition played out. This time over 130 players qualified online, again for next to nothing, while another 43 bought their seats. The total prize pool was again over $1 million and on March 6 2003, WPT regular, Howard Lederer played his cards right and was named the Party Poker Millions II champion. Again, the second place finisher Chip Jett was a partypoker.com online qualifier.

In the years to follow, the stakes get bigger, the number of contestants rise and of course, best of all, the prize pools increase. In the Party Poker Millions III tournament (March 2004), poker pro and online qualifier, Erick Lindgren, was the winner of the million dollar prize while other finishers shared an additional $650 000 (a number of these online qualifiers, including, third place finisher, amateur, Chris Hinchcliffe). At this point, this prize pool made the Party Poker Millions III the WPT tournament with the largest prize pool in history and was said to be the largest Texas Holdem tournament ever held.

This years Millions tournament took place in March and was by far the biggest and unbelievable WPT tournament yet. With a massive 735 participants (638 qualified online for $8 at Party Poker) the prize pool was an outstanding $7.43 million. First place finisher, 24 year old Michael Gratz, took home $1.5 million while this was the first time ever that a second place finisher (David Minto) won a not too shabby million for himself. And with so much more left over, 180 other players had a chance at their piece of the pool.

Now that this is said and done, all that's left is to talk about next years competition. In 2006, the Party Poker Millions V is taking place and looks as though all bets are off with this one. There is no limit as to where the people at Party Poker will go as it looks as though this tournament will feature a prize pool of at least $10,000,000. And the best part of it is that you don't have to come up with the thousands to buy a seat, you can earn, like so many in past, a seat by qualifying online at Party Poker. Qualifying satellites are taking place now so don't miss out. The cruise sets sail March 12 th through 19 th (destination still to be announced) and if you qualify you don't only get to play in the tournament, Party Poker will pay for the entire trip. So sign up now, you could be the nest WPT Party Poker Millions Champion!!!

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