Texas Holdem History

The game of Texas Holdem has become the most popular version of the most popular card game played on the planet, Poker. But how did Texas Hold’em come to be? No one really knows. There is no clear evidence as to when Poker was formally introduced and it is speculated that game derived from borrowing elements of several ancient card games. One things for sure though, the birth of Poker is a very old one. As for the Texas Holdem version of this game, legend has it that the first game was played in Robstown, Texas (hence the name ‘Texas Holdem’) in the early 1900’s and became known in Dallas soon there after.

Texas Holdem Poker is the official game in the “World Series of Poker” tournament. This tournament began in 1970 and has been held annually ever since at the Horseshoe in Las Vegas. Thanks to this tournament Holdem Poker has grown more and more popular every year, with new tournaments popping up around the globe and more players trying to get involved in this action packed game.

Thanks to modern day technologies, players of Texas Hold’em no longer have to travel to Las Vegas or their favorite casino spots to enjoy the thrills of playing holdem poker. The resources available on the internet has given players access to information sites and real play gaming sites accessible from just about anywhere that the internet is available. So, whether you’re in a luxurious card room at Frances’ Monte Carlo Casino sipping on imported cognacs or relaxing in your housecoat in the privacy of your own home, everyone now has the opportunity get involved in this fun and exciting twist to the planets favorite card game.

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